Maxine "Toilet" Waters

Dumber Than A Toilet Brush

Originally, representing California’s 29th congressional district, redistricted to the 35th, and finally again to the 43rd, it has always been a total shit hole plagued by high poverty and rampant crime.  Known as one of the “Gang Lands” of America, it has been mired in a constant state of police action against drug dealing, prostitution, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, and murder.  In her thirty years representing this district, Maxine has done nothing to combat the gangs who are the primary cause of the misery afflicting her base.  Instead, she openly admits to “working with the gangs for many, many years!”.  Profiting off the sad state of affairs of her constituents has been her primary objective since taking office.  Instead of educating youth in her district and helping law enforcement clean up the streets, she preys on them by propagating communist class war agitation knowing that this is the only way for her to maintain her death hold on them and ensures that the money from her pork projects keep flowing into her pockets.

Being a domestic menace wasn’t enough for Maxine.  She has made a name for herself supporting Communist revolutionaries in Central and South America too!  Prominently supporting the Communist Party of Cuba and taking many visits there on taxpayer dollars, she helps criminals from her district evade justice by assisting them in seeking asylum in Cuba!

Maxine “Toilet” Waters has done quite well for herself with her taxpayer funded racket.  Being under investigation for ethics violations is a common predicament for her having heavily profited from federal bailout programs to many companies she and her family members have been invested in.  Obviously, she wants to “socialize… uh, uh… basically, taking over all of your companies” so she can take ownership.  In her defense, who would want to live in that $4.5 million dollar shack that she calls “home”?

The only member of congress with the distinct designation of aiding an open “rebellion” in her congressional district and advising them to wage war against “the MAN”!  She made her spotlight debut in the middle of the South-Central LA riots  chanting “No Justice! No Peace!”.  The ensuing battle resulted in widespread looting, murder, assault, arson, rape, 63 deaths, 2,373 injuries, and 12,111 arrests.

It took the 1st Marine Division, the 7th Infantry Division, the California National Guard, and the LAPD six days to pacify her district.  Over 3,600 fires were set causing $1 Billion in property damage.  Many fires were allowed to burn themselves out after firefighters came under attack by charging mobs wielding axes. Entire blocks of the city were burnt to the ground.  Many areas of her district have not been rebuilt to this day.

After her communist “rebellion” (her own word) was squashed by federal troops, she proceeded to claim that the riots were “understandable, if not acceptable” and that “The looters were not crooks!”  No doubt, if her constituents had successfully repelled the government assault, she would have returned to her district to lead the LA South-Central politburo.

And you thought Fallujah was bad…  Unfortunately, Maxine escaped trial unlike Saddam.

It is hard to understand how such a low-IQ, communist revolutionary has been able to continually agitate “rebellion” not only in her district, but also on the national level with no action taken against her.  You would think such a mental midget would be an easy target for prosecution, but apparently the communist infestation protects its own.

If you see a Rolls-Royce cruisin’ through South-Central LA, it’s a damn good bet that this ugly ass bitch is in the backseat.  (Yes, she gets chauffeured around one of the poorest areas in the country in her Rolls-Royce.)

This Is One Commie That Needs to Get Shit On!

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