Children of America,

We are the forgotten and the betrayed…  We rage against the injustice that was committed against us by those who threaten our very existence.  We were taught to abide by certain rules, but what did these “rules” do for us?  NOTHING!  They only sought to bind our hands while they plundered and pillaged our lives.  Taking whatever they wanted and destroying everything else, they walked free from retribution.  Today, we cast off these self-imposed reigns of decency and free ourselves from their oppression.  We will NOW treat our enemies as the unworthy scum that they are… A PLAGUE UPON OUR COUNTRY.  Born out of the sins of our government, WE are a NEW BREED of WARRIORS…  Prophesied by our founding fathers we have returned to protect that which is unique among nations.  IT IS OUR DESTINY AND OUR RIGHT.  No longer are we bound by the false allegations and common courtesy of our ancestors.  We must bear this grievance.  Those who oppose us shall be flushed away with our shits, and SOON, our children, the future of America, will know the true meaning of FREEDOM!

Warriors!… Choose your target and unleash your bowels of vengeance on their faces!

Here we honor those who defecate on our enemies.

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