"Ratshita" Tlaib

Caliphate Invasion Force


Here at ShitEaterz, we want to send our most sincere congratulations to Ratshita Tlaib for claiming the world champion title for the “Ugliest Woman in the World”.  We always knew you were the butt ugliest bitch Ratshita.  We never doubted you for a minute!

On Behalf of All of Us Shitting on Your Face... Congratulations!

When Ratshita isn’t beating the socks off all the other ugly women around the globe, she is hard at work blaming America for all “her people’s” problems and vowing revenge on her constituents.  What an ideal fit for a member of Congress!

Fun Facts About Ratshita Tlaib

– Demanded to be sworn into office on the Koran, the Islamic prayer book that requires Holy War and Death to all non-believers.

– Wrapped herself in the Palestinian flag after her primary victory and refused to display the American flag.

– Wears a “Keffiyeh”, the Islamic scarf of Jihad (Holy War), as a silent vow to uphold her sworn duty to implement “Hijra”, the conquest of nations by re-population and the enforcement of Sharia Law.

Isn’t the United States waging a “War Against Terrorism”?  If someone supports the enemy in a “war”, it is by definition “TREASON”!

How can a member of Congress openly call for violence against Americans under the banner of Islam and not be arrested for TREASON, the ONLY CRIME outlined in the US Constitution?!

Why isn’t the FBI or the Capitol Police or someone busting down her office door, arresting her, and charging her with TREASON?!

Are we to live under the rule of someone who openly calls for our own death and destruction?  Why isn’t the US Constitution being enforced? Why isn’t anyone protecting the Republic?

Obviously, there is no justice anymore, but now YOU can have the personal satisfaction of administering YOUR OWN JUSTICE.

In the spirit of her own battle cry…

Let's Shit On This Ugly Ass Motherfucker!

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