Vladimir "Pooptin"

Premier KGB Bastard

This vile snake is one of the primary appendages of the World Communist Conspiracy to enslave the free world in his dream of a state capitalist (Communism is State Capitalism) utopia where only the “elites” own businesses and rule over the slaves.  Don’t let his subterfuges and political slitherings fool you.

Do you really think the Communist Politburo of the USSR and all their power structures just crumbled in 1991 because of a small citizens protest?  These were the devils that were responsible for the slaughter of at least 100 million of their own people and the subjugation of the entirety of Eastern Europe.  They ran a gulag system that exterminated more political prisoners than all the previous genocides in recorded history.  Why would they bat an eye at killing a few more?

Which is more likely?  The Soviets developed a moral conscious, or the fall of the Soviet Union was an elaborate ruse to trick the Free World into a false sense of complacency so they could undermine it at its foundations under the guise of “tolerance and equality”.  The original 1917 Russian Revolution led by Lenin wasn’t opposed because it preached that exact message of “tolerance and equality”.  It was this “tolerance and equality” which led to the deaths of 100 million Soviet citizens, not to mention the countless others killed in the Soviet wars of aggression to bring “brotherly love” to mankind.

Today the communists claim that all of America’s “problems” are caused by those who have “privilege”.  They advocate taxation via progressive income tax and asset confiscation via a wealth tax and reparations.  Does this sound familiar?

What do you think the result will be if the Communists are allowed to ascend to power in America?

The “American” communists will butcher millions in the name of “equality and tolerance” just like they did in the Soviet State.  We will all be equally poor and starving if not dead.


Of course it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the communists are still running Russia and implementing their plan of world domination through less overt methods than through the barrel of a gun.  Why else would a KGB agent still be ruling over Russia?

If you want to know what is planned for the future of America, all you have to do is look back at the history of the communists and what they have done in the past to destroy civilizations and the independence of anyone who might oppose their rule.

Through collectivization and dekulakization, programs of taxation and asset confiscation on those with “privilege”, the communists destroyed the middle class and imposed starvation on those they viewed as their political enemies.  In the Ukraine alone from 1921 to 1933, they starved to death 16.5 million in what was the Holodomor.  Many millions more died all across Russia because they lived in areas on the blacklist.

Yesterday's Kulak Is Today's CIS White Male

Today’s “Oppressors of the Proletariat” are the following:

– Whites
– Males
– Heterosexuals
– Traditionalists
– Nationalists
– Free Capitalists
– Private Property Owners
– Free Speech Advocates
– Gun Owners
– Law Enforcement
– The Military

Basically, ANYONE who could put up resistance to a Communist invasion is an “OPPRESSOR”.  If you are anything other than a jobless, crazed, drug addicted, blue-haired, tattooed, mindless, transvestite Antifa Marxist bum with more than two brain cells, YOU are on the list to be exterminated from THEIR America.

Of course, these “useful idiots”, and any “liberal” who doesn’t tow the party line will be slaughtered by the communists, because no one in their right mind would attempt to build a society with these disgusting, filthy, vile creatures who are only good at one thing which is SUBVERSION.  Subversion is NOT tolerated in the State Capitalist Utopia called Communism.


America is under direct assault by domestic communists aided by foreign communists.  Their goal is nothing less than the establishment of a Worldwide State Capitalist System of big brother government which will destroy any freedom and individuality that could potentially oppose their power.  Their plan of attack is to weaken America from within via subversion and to destabilize the Republic to such a degree that political and martial resistance is impossible.  They are enacting this plan not only in America, but in all Western countries.  They have been doing so for years, and it will only continue to get worse unless something is done.



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