Viewing This In China Will Get You Put In The Rice Fields

Xi "PoopBear" Jinping

Comrade Chink Chong

If there was ever a more perfect example of how communism is state capitalism, China is it.  Nobody has any money unless the communists want them to have money.  All business is conducted under the control and watchful eye of the state capitalists.  Anyone who dares to question their authority quickly finds themselves removed from history.  It is a cruel and uncaring land which is the closest thing to hell on earth that exists.

It is a known fact that Chinese communists execute more people than all the other countries in the world combined.  The exact number is unknown, but millions of political dissidents have disappeared over the years to never be seen again.  People who dare to speak about politically sensitive topics are routinely imprisoned and tortured.  The judicial system is highly corrupt and there are no fair trials or impartial verdicts.  It is a state-sanctioned body parts procurement industry.  Hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, etc are ripped from the bodies of the living and dead alike and transplanted in the rich and powerful officials of the state or sold to the highest bidder.  When an organ is required, charges are fabricated against an individual, even children, and then, they are arrested and cut up.  This practice originates out of the old Chinese torture technique knows as “Lingchi” (aka Death by a Thousand Cuts) which was routinely practiced by Chairman Mao and his revolutionaries and is still practiced on a much greater degree today.  The Chicoms prefers to hide its barbarity hence why the number of executions are a state secret.  Vivisecting your political enemies and conducting public executions keeps these savage animals at the helm of the big brother state known as the People’s Republic of China.

If this is what the Chinese communists do to their own people, what do you think that they will do to you?

Of course this didn’t stop the Clintons and other notable American politicians and businesses from doing business with them.  A $300,000 donation to Clinton’s 1996 campaign got the Chinese People’s Liberation Army the blueprints for MIRV (multiple independent re-entry vehicle) warheads, so now, they can rain nuclear holocaust down on America.  Not that there is much left to destroy after they were allowed to gut our industrial base, which precipitated the loss of the middle class, and purchase US debt, which enslaved the future children of America to the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s bad enough that we were sold down the river to a bunch of lying, stealing, cheating, thieving communists, but they happen to be the most inhuman, soulless, disgusting, filthy, immoral, unempathetic, vile, sick, fucking rat bastards to ever step foot on this planet.

MacArthur was a god damn hero for trying to nuke these sick fucks off the face of the earth.  I hope that no-good, pussy-assed, weak sister Truman burns in hell for stopping him.  Just think of all the past and future heartache and misery that MacArthur could have prevented if he had been allowed to carry out his atomic mission of salvation.  Mankind would have been eternally grateful for ridding the world of this menace.

Now instead, we are threatened with nuclear holocaust by these inhuman abominations who have no compassion and no mercy.


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