Nancy "Poolosi"

Old Worn-Out Hag

It's a verifiable fact that Poolosi is totally full of shit.

Poolosi has been the ringleader for the illegal immigration racket for years.  She claims that “America is the land of immigrants”, and therefore, we should open our borders and be flooded with these criminals and big brother welfare seekers.  It eludes Poolosi that “illegal immigration” is not “immigration”. Furthermore, the fact is that the “land of immigrants” which Poolosi uses to appeal and woo her supporters was highly prejudicial.  America was founded on a highly selective immigration policy.  Many of the Founding Fathers only wanted to accept immigrants from the British Isles, including our beloved Benjamin Franklin, who frequently referred to continental Europeans as “White Niggers”.  If Benjamin Franklin called those in Europe who believed themselves to be the Ubermensch (aka Master Race) “White Niggers”, what do you think he would have to say about the calibre of individuals being allowed to flood over the border today?  Eventually, it was settled that only Northern Europeans would be admitted into the United States, and later, it was extended to allow for only a few Southern Europeans.  Obviously, this was a big mistake as it allowed for Poolosi’s family to be granted entry.  Families were routinely turned away if one child happened to have a cold or any symptoms of being sick or unhealthy.  Immigrants were required to be vouched for by an organization, usually religious, who promised to support them for over a year.  There was no fucking welfare state because the very notion of the state supporting its populace ran counter to everything established in the Constitution.  People with genetic aliments or mental conditions were also barred entry.  The history of “immigration” in this country is nothing like Poolosi makes it out to be.  It was an extremely selective, borderline eugenic process with the goal of only admitting the cream of the crop from predominately the British Isles and Northern Europe.

The goal of the immigration policy that Poolosi advocates is to create a voting block of big brother welfare seekers who vote her and other communist stooges into power for perpetuity.  Let’s look at some statistics from LA County to see the effects that her style of open borders immigration creates.

Old Poolosi Is Losing Her Voice,
Payback For Bullshit She Did Emit.
Caused By Actions Of Her Own Choice,
Couldn't Befall A Worst Hypocrite.

Lies, Lies, She Lost Her Voice,
Poetic Justice You Must Admit.
She Couldn't Raise Our Tax Invoice,
'Twas For America's Benefit.

All of America Broke Out In Rejoice,
A Celebration Quite Befit.
When That Old Hag Lost Her Voice,
We Were Spared From That Nitwit.

– 40% of All Workers in LA County Do NOT Have a Green Card and Are Being Paid Solely in Cash to Avoid Paying Income Tax and Payroll Tax

– 95% of Warrants for Murder in LA Are for Illegal Aliens

– 75% of the People on the Most Wanted List in LA Are Illegals

– Over 2/3rds of All Births In LA Are from Illegal Aliens on State Medi-Cal Paid for by Taxpayers

– 35% of All Inmates in California Detention Centers Are Mexican Nationals Here Illegally

– Over 1/2 of All Gang Members in LA Are Criminals from Mexico

Poolosi wants to implement a communist style redistribution of wealth via her so called “Windfall Tax”.  This would create an additional tax on all capital gains which would then be given to all the illegals and the unemployed minorities so she could “guarantee the standard of living they would like to have” and solidify her status as the Welfare Queen of the Sanctuary Cities.  Hopefully, her dementia will ravish her brain and totally consume her before she has the opportunity spew more of her bullshit and completely destroys America.  In the meantime…


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