Pooter Rican Commie Pig

This horse-mouthed Pooter Rican pig is leading the charge to take America down the path to a total and complete Communist dictatorship.  To initiate this Communist revolution, she is enlisting the hordes of illegals (aka Communist Invasion Force) who have poured over our borders.  Whether she is screaming about the treatment of prisoners captured on our Southern border or how the world is going to end in twelve years unless we all submit to her ridiculous wealth confiscation scheme of 70% taxation, there are few people who are doing more to undermine our Republic.  

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could be this stupid.  She can’t even take care of a single houseplant, but she thinks that she knows the solution to taking care of the environment.  Who believes the bullshit that she spews out of those horse teeth?  How did someone who couldn’t even pass a basic high school level government course become a member of Congress?

Truly a face worth being put in the shitter.  Do your duty and take a crap on this communist piece of shit who is hell-bent on destroying America!

Let's Make Her Drink Some Toilet Water!