Elizabeth "Poocahontas" Warren

Shitty Counterfeit Indian

Now, this commie chieftess wants to tax not only your income, but all of your personal private property.  This would effectively eliminate private property guaranteed to all Americans in the Bill of Rights and lead to property confiscation.  Abolition of private property is one of the main tenets of the Communist Manifesto.

She plans on taking your money and redistributing it to her fellow Injuns, “people of color”, sodomites, lesbos, dykes, trannies, perverts, etc.  Wealth redistribution (aka reparations) is another main tenet of the Communist Manifesto.

If this wasn’t bad enough, she constantly agitates the classes against each other, pushes for the destruction of the 2nd amendment (She has to take away your guns before she can rob you of your private property), and funds her insurrection attempts from known communist traitors like Hanoi Jane.

Howgh this cheiftess gets away with destroying the US Constitution everyday from the big tepee on the hill, this indian will never know!

This crazy, faux, self-proclaimed “chieftess” wants to implement draconian new tax laws which would amount to a personal property tax for every possession that you own.  Of course, she says that it will only apply to the “ultra-rich”, but after a few years of this type of taxation, everyone who has more than two rolls of toilet paper will qualify as “ultra-rich”.

This is the same way they passed the Revenue Act of 1913, which ushered in the now much hated income tax.  It was first passed as only a small 1%-3% tax on the highest incomes, but as we all know, it spread to all Americans regardless of their pay.

Have Big PooWow on This Chieftess!

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