Pete "Bootygieg"

America's Communist Buttboy

Meet the latest faggot the Homintern has conjured up to pervert America and her children.  This buttfucking asshole is hellbent on destroying America with his homosexual, communist agenda.

Peter was born and bred to be a Communist Homosexual.  His father, Joseph, was a world-renown Marxist scholar who was an adviser to the journal, “Rethinking Marxism”, which promoted the spread and dissemination of communist theory and practice.  Joseph’s task along with others was to inject communism into the culture of America.  What better way to destroy America’s culture than to subvert the very foundations of the family unit?

Joseph was also a professor at the University of Notre Dame and routinely preached about the writings of the late Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci.  Gramsci was known as the founder and leader of the Italian Communist Party and jailed for attempting to foment a communist revolution in Italy.  The main idea Gramsci propagated was that the cultural hegemony of nation must be subverted and infiltrated to establish a communist state.   This is exactly the plan of action that both Joseph and Peter are taking to destroy America.


Pete's Super "Religious" Buttfucking Ceremony

At least the Marxist father and batshit crazy, feminist mother succeeded in making their son a raging homo.  Obviously, this was their goal from the start because they both hate America and are actively trying to destroy it.

Pete’s pillow-biting bitch has these two worthless sacks of lard as “his” parents.  According to him, both his brothers fucking disowned him (Good Idea!) and his sperm donor kicked his pathetic homo ass out of the house.  I guess the doughboy had a change of heart though and decided that buttsex was a wholesome family value.  Shit… maybe if tubby hadn’t eaten so many fucking Jif peanut butter sandwiches, he would have had enough testosterone to course correct his son when he came up with the brilliant idea to let men put their peckers in his ass.

Look at these pathetic excuses for “parents”…  LOOK AT THEM!  Are you goddamn, fucking kidding me?!  Is this really what passes for parents these days?  Holy Fucking Shit!  

The one looks like the retarded brother of Chef Boyardee, and the other one looks like a fucking, crazy cat lady who lives under an interstate highway bridge.  What the fuck is going on in this country?  Why aren’t there laws against this insanity?!

No wonder the man is a homosexual… Good Lord!

Still, it is no excuse for Pete to be advocating buttfucking as America’s new national pastime.

Instead, these geniuses decided to send their already confused son to Germany so he could be brainwashed by the communists into thinking that sticking dicks in your asshole was “normal”.  Yeah, if I wanted to help my son, I’d send him to the country known in the 20th century as the capital of degeneracy too.  That’s easier than actually being a man and raising a functional, moral family that is respected and conducts themselves in an honorable manner.

But who am I to judge?… At least the fucking man managed to buy a fucking jar of Jif peanut butter.  Holy Shit!  Curb your expectations!

“Yes, my son can get his asshole reamed by a Marxist faggot, BUT BY GOD HE IS GOING TO HAVE THAT GODDAMN JIF FUCKING PEANUT BUTTER!” said not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Talk about confused priorities…  No fucking wonder America is like it is.  What the hell was going on in THAT family?  That’s what I want to know.  God help us.

These two faggots and their pathetic excuses for families weren’t just satisfied with being repulsive to their neighbors and communities.  They had to make a big deal about getting their buttfucking endorsed by the very institution that stood for decency and morality, the church.  Because, “HOW DARE THEY OBJECT TO MY SINFUL SODOMY?!”

It’s the “current year” after all, and how else are the fucking Communists supposed to drain out any residual traces of morality left in America?

By getting America all hot and ready for some hardcore ANAL SEX, THAT’S HOW!  Because if you can fuck a man in his asshole, what is to stop you from fucking anything else?  Children, Animals, Robots, etc…  It’s all moral and “OK” in the eyes of GOD and the community, RIGHT?!

YOU AREN’T SOME FUCKING BIGOT ARE YOU?!!!  How is Communism supposed to take over a nation of moral, law-abiding, upstanding individuals?

Shit All Over This Agent Of The Homintern!

You Know the Sick Fuck Likes It