Welcome to the Goddamn 21st American Fucking Century

The Enemies of America are Numerous.

Men and Women

White, Brown, Red, & Yellow

Foreign & Domestic

They Have Succeeded in Taking Away Many of Our Freedoms.

But ONE Freedom Still Remains…


In case you have been living under a fucking rock, let me fill your sorry ass in on the shitty state of affairs afflicting our Republic.  We are under attack by the fucking Communists on all fronts!  THIS IS THE FINAL BATTLE!  There is nowhere to run.  There is nowhere to hide.  If we lose this battle, ALL is lost.  There will be no second chances.  You better be fucking ready to pick a side in this war for the future of America.  ANTIFA communist revolutionaries are running through the streets unopposed causing mayhem and destruction on every corner cheered on by the political class who tie the hands of law enforcement.  Invaders have successfully breached the halls of government electing foreign agents who actively pursue agendas of annihilation and subjugation on the common people who built this great land.  These political actors are funded and backed by the sworn enemies of our Republic.  They hate everything this country stands for and everyone who made this country the greatest country in the world.  They hate freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, and they are trying their best to strip us of these last two basic tenets of our Constitution.  I AM DRAWING THE LINE IN THE SAND…  I SAY TO THEM, “NO MORE!”  We WILL NOT go quietly into the abyss of communism.  For if we go down that road, there is NO return.  There comes a point in time when something must be done if our civilization and the Republic is to be saved.

– We do NOT want COMMUNISM!

– We do NOT want to be flooded with invaders, gangs, criminals, and terrorists!

– We do NOT want to be ruled over by people who advocate for our annihilation and subjugation!


There can be no negotiation with those who are not willing to enter into proper discourse and who openly denounce our way of life and the God-given rights that were bestowed upon us by the Creator and enshrined in our Constitution by the Founding Fathers (Yes, I said “Fathers”!  What are YOU going to do about it?).  If you do not USE your rights, you might as well not have them at all.  These foreign political elements have done their best to shame you into submission by claiming that not all speech is free speech.  What they deem as “hate speech” is simply speech which exposes their malevolent machinations.  They care not about “hate”, but about the spreading of ideas which opposes the advance of their political agenda.  They MUST be stopped.  They must meet resistance on every advance they make to strip us of our freedoms.  I implore you to join us in using your first amendment right while you still have the chance.  Let others know that you oppose them, what they advocate, and the direction they are taking this country.  They are allowed to spew their anti-American, communist bullshit 24/7/365 sanctioned by the media plutocrats.

It is high time that they were on the receiving end of this shit!

Every time YOU take a shit, I want YOU to stuff it down THEIR throats!


On the following pages, you will find the enemies and traitors of America listed with their misdeeds.  Pick the one you most despise and get to work shitting on them for America.

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